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Microlab Solo9C is a range of high fidelity floor stereo speaker, classic wooden finish cabinets loudspeaker systems for the professional home audio used.

Solo9C was designed to offer an effective self-contained solution for application with amazing acoustic condition in living room.

Microlab Solo9C is a specific design, critical engineering and manufacturing with Hi-end speaker drive system. The output is up to 140 watt, Microlab Solo9C performs the best sound blast you.

Microlab Solo9C offers the high resolution and near perfect sound performances. It’s the implementation of the principles that will determine sound quality and product reliability. Solo9C precisely control directivity in your room, resulting in precisely aimed where it needs to be delivered, greatly reducing reflections from every corner.

Microlab Solo9C integrates the powerful sharp cone dispersion design on woofer to prefect audio experience in 3 ways stereo speaker system. The special heritage range for Microlab’s 2.0 system that employs high quality design techniques and speaker technology is the guarantee of exceptionally high voice intelligibility and natural music reproduction.

Microlab Solo9C’s enclosure is made by wood. Its brown skin is match decoration in your living room. Both speakers are protected by a dust cover. Side panel controls for easy and quick access. Microlab Solo9C is ideal for high fidelity listening

Microlab Solo9C has the standard RCA/AUX input. The HDMI, Tislink, coaxial interface allow the speaker works well with media players of most types to show hi-definition quality music.

Technical Specifications
Amplifier specs
Output power140, Watt RMS
Power distribution70x2, Watt
Harmonic distortion0.3, % (1Watt, 1kHz)
Frequency response50 -20 000, Hz
Signal/Noise ratio80, dB
Separation60, dB
Speakers specs
Tweeter driver type1,5,
Bass driver type6,5,
Outputterminals, HDMI
AuxilliaryHDMI, Toslink, Coaxial
Satellites214x575x323, mm
Product Net weight21,9, kg
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